Why Bridges Communication Towers & Spires Bring Danger

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Very often, people who are new in Feng Shui or have just met with a Feng Shui practitioner are focused first on the interior feng shui of their home or apartment, when exterior Fen Shui is even more important.
Certainly focus on the arrangement of rooms, the flow of energy, the way the furniture is positioned and so forth, but is not of much use if the structures in the surrounding environment are sending killer and destructive energy towards your home. So, your first approach should always be defensive in nature. Begin by examining structures in the surroundings of your home to see whether they are hurting you or feel daunting to you in any way. Here are a few examples of potentially harmful structures:

Bridges – the energy around bridges is very powerful Bridges due to the heavy concentration of traffic and houses built on both ends of the bridge. Places near bridges tend to suffer from too much yang energy causing an anxious atmosphere and the conflict between the inhabitants of such a family.





High Voltage transmission towers can really cause High-Voltage-transmission-towers problems with your Feng Shui. If you do live in close by to the towers, try planting tall trees and heavy foliage between your home and the Voltage tower or build a small pond to block negative energy of the fire coming from tower.







Communication Towers – something tall and straight – This is the  Communication-Towers structure that you do not want your main entrance facing directly. If this is your case, you have to use a different entrance or plant trees.  Use heavy curtains to completely cover the view on tower if you live in an apartment








Churches, crosses, steeples, belfry, police stations and prisons City-steeples are all structures
and buildings that send massive hostile yin energy to you and your home. Before you get started with any interior Feng Shui of your home, first make sure to take care of any poison arrows sending negative energy to your home from outside.

And you, my readers what kind of poison arrows are afflicting your home/house that you can address?