The Front Door Direction

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The home sector, where the front door is and the direction where the door looks, reflects the head of the family. Traditionally in a Chinese family the man has always been the head of family. Of course nowadays this is not always the case, so you need to think and decide as to whether this pertains to your needs and/or the desires of your partner or husband.

When the front door opens to the Northwest, it is considered a good destination for the father and older men in the family. This direction will foster qualities such as leadership and dignity of the family member and trust and respect by other residents. front-door-direction

A door opening to the North creates a relaxed lifestyle for the inhabitants of the house. However, the possibilities exist that tranquility will turn into lethargy and apathy, and eventually grow into mutual alienation. If you are concerned about it, activating other characteristics of energy can introduce an element of the opposite quality. Add a little wood element such as painting the door brown or hang small green crystal in the hallway.

The Northeast door direction suggests the quite variable of energy and tenants of houses. doors which overlook this direction are likely to be heavily exposed to external forces. However there is other evidence of favorable Feng Shui. This destination is perfect for young people who want to expand their knowledge and get an education.

The East direction is also beneficial for young people, especially if they are just beginning their careers and dream to realize their ideas and aspirations. It promises a bright future for those who are engaged in business and commercial transactions.

A Southeast front door direction is favorable for those who want to improve their financial situation. Progress could be slow but the family will be at peace and with prosperity.  front-door-direction-feng-shui

The front door which faces to the South stimulates active living and social activities. It helps those who are seeking recognition and even fame. However, in this situation you should proceed with caution, as pandering to whims can create a tense atmosphere and lead to quarrels in the family. Moderate the fire energy if necessary by adding an earth element to the sector.

If the front door opens to the Southwest it is considered to be the most favorable for the mother of the family. This direction promotes strong and harmonious family relations, although there is a risk that the identity of the mother will become too dominant and intrusive, destroying the overall harmony. To mitigate this effect, you can bring colors or symbols associated with metal.

A door that faces West is good for families with young children. It offers the best opportunities for their rapid artistic development. This trend is associated with romantic feelings and pleasure. However, you must ensure that your interests do not lead to excessive costs. Here you can add a bit of stability by adding  the earth element.