Staircases in Feng Shui

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Home is where we spend a lot of time and it plays a meager role in Feng Shui; however, our main door and stairs in our home do play an important role. And today I would like to highlight several examples and tips for staircases in our homes. When the main door opens to a staircase, it’s already negative Feng Shui,
but negative impact doubles when there are double staircases. It is equally harmful when one staircase going up and another going down (when the same staircase leads to the upper floors and basement). This affliction means wavering and uncertainty; people who are living in the home will suffer from fluctuation and indecisiveness. The best cure for a staircase or double staircases facing the main door is to hang a well-lit chandelier between them; the presence of bright light dissolves the indefinite energy.

The staircase should not start directly in front of the main door nor end directly in front of an upstairs door. The energy created by this staircase is extremely powerful and becomes harmful. Besides that, the staircase should not be located in the center of the house since this develops a poison arrow of the most severe kind. Generally, staircases should be wide and with small curves without space between the steps.

Take advantage of all information, try to implement it and improve Feng Shui, share your thoughts and ask me question  “how to” in comments, I’ll be happy to answer.