Rooster Month

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A big part of the year has already passed, and some of you born in the year of the Rooster will be granted positive changes in life, while some of you will be feeling strong pressure from the universe. For instance, people who have a Horse or Rooster sign in their birth chart will unquestionably be winners, compared to people who have a Snake and Monkey sign in their birth chart. (You can check your birth chart here.) 


Here is what we can cover today, as most of the Monkey month of August is gone: I will briefly go over the Monkey month and then I will concentrate more on the month of the Rooster—September.
The month of the Monkey is rocky with lots of ups and downs, but if you have a Horse or Rooster in your birth chart then you may feel support from the universe, especially if you were born during the month or year of the Horse or Rooster. Over all, the Rooster year is a winner year because you do not waste prosperous energy: there is still a time to break through with a positive outcome. Of course the yearly energy and monthly energy influences everyone in different ways; everything depends where Horse and Rooster are located in your chart. For example, if you were born during a Horse or Rooster year, or the month of June or September, you may feel support from your social circle or friends and colleagues. If you were born on the day or hour of the Horse or Rooster you will have support from your family, relatives or kids. But if you have Snake or Monkey in your chart you may feel force from the world, and of course it all depends on where Snake or Monkey fall in your birth chart. If it falls in that month or year, this is affecting your branding, career, and ambitions, as well as your capability to expand in the marketplace in the month of August. I suggest you keep a low profile until the end of the year. And if you have Snake or Monkey in the day, then you have had turbulent times with your family members or close friends; and lastly, if you have Snake or Monkey in the hours of your chart, it will affect your goals and income, and even your life purpose. Also check in with your family or friends who have been having a troublesome time, and look at their chart, it’s possible they have a Snake or Monkey or both in their chart. Knowing what causes that trouble, you will know how to communicate with them and will understand and support them much better.
So now let’s talk about what September offers us. People who have a Dragon and a Yang Wood in their chart will feel the most supportive and positive energy. September will be a “go for” month for you: do not miss these opportunities and plan to advance all your important activities. People who have a Rat in their chart will have support from people who are much higher in the corporate structure or their manager or superiors. Those who have a Tiger and Horse in their chart could get a promotion or “deal braking” contract. People who have a Pig or Boar in their chart will be traveling a lot or restlessly moving around. People with a Snake and Monkey in their chart will have little or barely any noticeable support.
The most negative energy will be with Rabbit and Rooster: Rabbits already feel conflict, anguish and a blustery impact of the year. Everything that Rabbits are trying to do brings distress, goes absolutely wrong or proceeds unusually slowly.

And Rooster should double-check everything, as September produces double the mistakes for you. Try to keep your cards close to your chest and do not make risky plays. If a Rooster or Rabbit is located in the month or year of your birth, it means that you won’t understand your friends or colleagues and it will affect your work and work environment. If a Rooster or Rabbit is located in the day or hour, it means that some internal disturbance will take place. You will be more argumentative with your husband, wife or partner, or misunderstand your kids. For all other Zodiac signs, September will be a more natural month, of course depending on your personal distractor day or month or year clash days.