Peach of Blossom

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That time of the year is here again where love surrounds the world; lovers come together, friends reunite, and romance is lit again. This time is the famous Valentine’s Day. On this day, many different kinds of Valentine’s Day sweets, flowers, and an overwhelming amount of gifts are given and received through the post office, online orders and personal deliveries. These items are just filling homes and workplaces to the brim. Restaurants hold special celebrations and numerous couples make reservation for months in advance just to share a romantic dinner together on Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Relationships-feng-shuiBut, there are some of you who are not so happy. Maybe you are still deploring the fact that you are still single with no prospect of meeting someone special.
Here is some tip for those of you who are single and wish to find your soul mate this year and best ways to activate your Peach Blossom Luck.
First find your Chinese Animal Sign of birth, for example: Horse or Sheep and etc.
Second, you have to know your “Peach Blossom” animal and direction, as follows:

If you are a RABBIT, BOAR or SHEEP – your peach blossom animal is a RAT  feng-shui-peach-blossom-rat, place Rat symbol on the North portion of your bedroom.

If you are a RAT, MONKEY or DRAGON- your peach blossom animal is the ROOSTER feng-shui-peach-blossom-Rooster, place Rooster symbol on the West portion of your bedroom.

If you are a SNAKE, ROOSTER or OX – your peach blossom animal is the HORSE feng-shui-peach-blossom-Horse, place Horse figure on the South portion of your bedroom.

If you are a TIGER, HORSE or DOG – your peach blossom animal is the RABBIT feng-shui-peach-blossom-Rabbit, place Rabbit symbol on the East portion of your bedroom.


Purchase a beautiful animal image or figure of your peach blossom animal and place it in the suitable animal direction of your bedroom. Also get animal not sad looking image from a second-hand store. Be sure to place the “Peach Blossom” figure on a shelf or coffee table or nightstand, but not on the floor. Think about who you want to attract! Try this easy formula to activate your peach blossom luck in your life.

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