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What Month of Fire Tiger suggests for us?

February 3, 2014 in Articles

February 4th means spring has officially arrived and this year spring starts from the month of the Fire Tiger. 


These two elements are in a productive cycle. This time of the year is transformational, days become longer, the sun is getting higher in the sky and sends a feeling that spring has arrived, and brings elusive changes. Since Tigers are Yang Wood element, they bring a lot of changes and growing and traveling energy. Especially for people who are born under Rat, Dragon or Monkey Zodiac signs. If you are a Rat, Read the rest of this entry →

Bazi Chart and Dynamic Energy for 2014

January 30, 2014 in Articles

Bazi Chart or Eight Type of Destiny   for 2014

Today we are going to cover a crucial topic which everyone desires to know; LUCK. According to Chinese metaphysics we have 3 kinds of luck, Heaven, Earth and a Main kind of luck.
1.Heaven Luck is predefined and cannot be changed. In a few words, heaven luck will set when you are born, the location, as well as what family you are born into. Therefore, our life to some degree is relying upon the day, time and place that we were born.
2.Earth luck refers to the surroundings environment. Generally speaking, we could not make significant difference in the main areas of our surroundings, including social, political and economic condition of the country and environment where we live and this would affect the quality of life/luck. However, Feng Shui practice allows us to make changes within our personal space home or office. Even if our earthly luck is not so good, we are still able to create some positive influence of ‘chi’ thru the correction.
3.The Main kind of luck is shaped by our behavior and attitude to our life and even what kind of choices we make during our life trip. There is no question about how personal effort can seriously affect the quality of life/luck. Many people from ordinary or poor family have turned around their quality of life or luck through their efforts and boldness. Read the rest of this entry →


January 21, 2014 in Articles, Guest-Blog

An Introduction to I Ching



This year, my goal has been to study the I Ching and report what I have learned on my

blog, Tao Te Ching Daily. The parameters of this goal is that my reading list in 2014 will

consist mostly of I Ching books, to the exclusion of all others, in order to know this

beautiful book more deeply. I was nervous about making this goal public because I did

not want people to assume that I was an expert on the I Ching just because I am Read the rest of this entry →

It will soon officially be the year of Wooden Horse!

January 13, 2014 in Articles

Energy will transform completely and Tree energy will replace Water energy!


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In case you missed it

January 11, 2014 in Articles


 If your New Year’s Eve plans failed, now you have a second chance to correct everything with Lunar New Year.

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