Office and Home Office


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Office and Home Office:

The most important factor is the actual location of your home office.  The most practical location for the office is next to the front of a house, if possible by the entrance. This location allows the chi energy to enter your house through the front door and then flow right into the office to help rejuvenate the space of your office. Bad locations for an office are the central part of the house, in and near the basement or anywhere near a bathroom. These areas will actually hurt the chi of your office. Based on your Kua number, place your desk facing your best direction (to find your best direction). It is very important how you place your desk. The desk should be placed in a commanding position, where you should have a big chair, two times bigger than the chair for your customer. Do not place your desk facing the wall. However, if there is no other way to place the desk other than towards the wall, use artwork with flying birds or with a rooster, especially, if the desk is facing towards the West direction. Do not place your desk in line with the door, or facing the window and corner. In regards to your chair, you must ensure that the back of the chair does not face the door or window, as the wall gives you support for your back. Bookshelves and filing cabinets: try to have a bookshelf with doors and a filing cabinet on the left side. Keep your office clean and free from clutter. Your desk must also be kept free from all kinds of unnecessary paperwork and useless items. Use an appropriate color for your office walls. It is important to decorate your office with money trees or lucky bamboo plants, wealth ships, victory horses, and Ru Yi to activate chi energy for the promotion of advancement and success.

Other Feng Shui office tips: If there are problems with the office room, a Feng Shui master can easily remedy them. For example, if an office does not have windows, or if the ceiling is low or partial/slanted, you can fix it by installing a light fixture on the wall ( or use crystal balls to eliminate this problem).

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