Monthly Flying Star-Feng Shui

Monthly Flying Stars

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 12th Month of the Bing Shen

(Xin Chou – Metal Ox month from ……) 

Note: Because of the Chinese New Year calendar, based on the Lunar  and Solar Calendar, we have floating months. Big Numbers stand for Annual Flying Star and small numbers stands for monthly Flying Stars. If your front door, back door, living room and bedroom are located in the relevant grid for that kind of luck, then it will affect everyone in the household and you will be experiencing that kind of luck indicated by the stars there. Everything will magnify by double stars annual and monthly, good energy will be stronger and bad energy will be hostile.

*Additional negative stars located at the South, Southwest, Northwest and Northeast, just avoid starting renovation on those sectors to prevent the harmful energies of those stars being unleashed.  If your bedroom, front door or home office is here be careful. 


Southeast 1-9

If your main entrance or your bedroom located in the Southeast, this month will be promising to the residence, the only thing is you need to be productive and motivated in order to get good result. However keep track of negative days such as days when 5 flies in, all your plans could be disrupted. Also be attentive to the health and do not spend a lot of time next to computer, as some eye issues indicated.


South 6-5

Money luck blocked. Sickness could prevail. This month south directions affected by monthly Yellow Five star and it means that good and positive energy will be diminished for residents if your main door or bedroom located in the South. It is better to postpone important decisions almost for whole month. The Misfortune Star affects everyone in house with illness and serious energy loss and problems due to excessive gossiping. This Star is severely dangerous this month. Be aware that you may get seriously ill or in danger of poisoning, or get sickness related to the mouth, especially this is true if you have a modern open plan design house.



Southwest 8-7

The positive tendency from last month is weakening and replaced by the positive energy which brings money luck if your entrance or bedroom is located in the Southwest. Also this month will bring you self-confidence and you would be head and shoulders above your competitors, if you work in an emulating environment.  On the other hand, due to monthly robbery star, minor snags are indicated with young people, as their personal life will be full with activities and it seems like they are restless. Try not to get angry and nervous, and explain them that night walks are not very safe.


 East 9-8

Very auspicious stars and elements blend. The monthly star brings celebration or recognition with great commercial skills in career as well as money luck. Heave luck shines upon residents of East sector. However, misunderstanding is possible between young and older generation or between siblings, or even between good friends.  Try to listen and be attentive to each other.


Center 2-1

The star combination in the center rules December with negative and hard luck impact. Problems arise in the form of trouble in marriage, financial disputes, illness and loss. Try to avoid on encounters and concessions to each other, especially if it young family as accident loss of loved one could be. Similarly warning to pregnant women in this month, stay home if possible, watch your health as miscarriage is possible.



 West 4-3

Those stars rules the whole month and depend on stars combination we will experience good or turbulent impact. This month brings good scholastic luck to all kids as well as for people who are working in literary ventures. All without exception will come under romantic influence and will enjoy amorousness. On the other hand December promises to be tense, emotionally stressful due to relationships and sex scandals. Try to spend more time together with whole family.


 Northeast 5-4

This month your creativity on work dries up as an inauspicious elements combination.  That brings possibilities of injuries caused by accidents if you are traveling a lot. Health luck is very poor, also clashing energy of stars lead to skin problems and sickness. Visit your doctor more often in December.


North 7-6

The monthly noblemen and annual robbery star are located at the North this month and at the same time it brings violent energy for those whose main door or bedroom is located at the North sector. Also, this star carries merciless competition for residents in their career or business. Avoid night walks or staying late at work, in another words try not to be in the wrong place and in the wrong time, most likely you could be mugged or even worse killed in the fighting. 


Northwest 3-2

Combination of negative annual star and monthly star of tempestuous generates tension, especially for those who are building a politics career.  This combination of stars could lead to lawsuits and even to jail. Also this applies for those people who are working in management or high positions in company. Gossip and slander could damage your name and reputation. This month will not pass by people who prone to depression with negative influence, try not to size up your concerns and fears, watch what you are eating as obesity flagged this month.


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