Feng Shui: Living Room

Living Room

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Feng-Shui-Living-Room-Decoration feng shui living room

The Living room is a space with yang energy

The living room should  be bright, inviting and well decorated. It is a place where guests can  congregate, and where the family can have a good time and enjoy each other’s  company. Based on compass directions   you should use appropriate color for your living  room walls. Try to have furniture in your house with round edges, and set up  your furniture in a way so as not to block good chi(energy). Go around the  living room and circulate your entire home with good energy. Remember that good  chi should move slowly around furniture and other objects in your home. Do not
forget that a lot of Yang Energy is bad too. If your living room is bright, has  a big window and light colored furniture, you have to introduce Yin Energy, like  placing a dark colored rug on the floor and adding some curtains on the window.
By doing so, a balance of the Yin and Yang Energies will be established.


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