Small Steps to improve your life: Step Three- Health

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We all wish to live longer, richer and happier.
Today I would like to cover the small steps to improve your life health or at least hold it without regression. Ancient Chinese people say that “Health it is a Wealth” in other words, you cannot enjoy the wealth if you are seriously ill or sick.

Applying Feng Shui for health tips should always be done by priorities. As you create a good foundation, if your health is slightly out of balance, or you have been going through health complications for a while now, Feng Shui can help increase your energy levels and help you stay healthy.

As I recommended before, get a good compass. In order to practice real Feng Shui, you must to have a compass and must learn how to orientate yourself within the home.

So now stand in the center of your house or somewhere near the center and take your readings; take your bearings, we are looking for the East direction.

East represents health and family and it is designated as a Wood element, the only element that is growing.

Activating the East sector of your home (inside and outside, if you live in house) will bring good health, longevity and growth luck.

Place a water feature or live plants to stimulate the East water_drop_feng-shuisector of your house. It brings you long life and good health luck.


Plant a Peach tree in the East if you are living in your own house.


Place Bamboo, Wu Lou, a statue or picture of Cranes in the East enhance the luck.bamboo-feng-shui


Display the God of Longevity is in the East sector of your living room.

Try to go to bed by 11pm, between 11pm to 1am hours is the most conductive time for rejuvenation.


Each one of us should to sleep with our head pointed to our good heath direction Tian Yi . The Tien Yi direction is the direction of the Doctor from Heaven. To get your personalized Tien Yi direction, you need to use your date of birth to calculate the number or refer to the table located at “Kua Number” page)

Sneak in some exercise

Never skip breakfast.


health-feng-shui Longevity_God_feng-shui
tree-cranes-feng-shui Wu-Lou-feng-shui

Tell me in the comments how it works for you and share your ideas, progress or struggling.