New is well forgotten- old or newly invented ?

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Have you ever paid any attention to the fact that very many areas in science intersect with one another, I’m talking about those gray areas. For instance Chemistry and Biology together form Biochemistry and etc. Since I have a computer software background, it was always easy for me to understand if I can connect subjects with computers structures or make parallels. And today,I would like to point to such parallels or re-discovered ancient knowledge which shaped the foundation of Feng Shui and the Book of Changes ” i-Ching”.

Sun_Daughter binary_iching 64-DNA

Did you know that discoveries have been made in relation to the similarities between the lines of the hexagrams and the binary code in the foundation of recent computer technology? The similarities offer tantalizing potential for speculating the relationships between the trigrams lines and modern technological innovations. Genetic scientists have made discoveries that have proposed that the 64 hexagrams of i-Ching exactly correspond to the 64 DNA genetic codes that are the core of life on planet Earth. 

Yin and Yang theory transforms to the binary code.  Tai-Chi The broken and unbroken lines correspond to the dots and dashes on the binary code, which is also exactly like the Assembler low level computer language correspond to the binary 0 and 1 or yes and no. As of today humanized computer languages which can correspond to the machine language, have left C and C++  as the only low level computer languages that are still in use.



Is it possible that the Yin / Yang theory and i-Ching lie in the basis of life or do they have a hidden meaning to life’s existence?


Something like this has happened before in the history of our country,  US_ancient_mapwhen one traveler re-discover continent and name it America.


Who knows, maybe someday the next generation can re-discover the Assembler and make parallels.