Main Door: Is your main door auspicious?

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In this article we are continuing our discussion about the main door and I would like to cover, in more detail, poison arrows and much more.

As I mentioned earlier, the main door of the house should always be made from a strong and solid piece of material. It should be the biggest door in the house, and ideally, it should face to the same direction as house. Mostly the main door should be facing an auspicious direction or a favorable direction for the main breadwinner of the house. The favorable door direction is based on the KUA numbers of individuals.

Is your main door auspicious? 


Main doors should never open to a staircase, wall, opposite of a toilet or a limited space. In an ideal world, the main door should be put on the nearest wall of the house or flat side and open towards this wall as shown in figure. This creates a feeling of space and contributes to good Feng Shui in the hallway. If the door is on the opposite side, the room momentarily turns into a confined space and feels uncomfortable.

Is your Entrance Visible?


Preferably the main door should be facing to the street; it means that energy and opportunities will easily come off the road and will go directly to your door. However, if you don’t have that luxury and your front door is hidden on the side of your home, then you can always install lights, plants or flags all the way from the street to the front door. Your goal is to direct the energy to your hidden front door. 
If you live in an apartment building and your main door located in the dark hallway, make sure that between the main entrance to the building and your front door there is a clear pathway. also you should ask to install bright lights and place few plants next to your front door, so that your energy is lifted when you see your home.

Is your main door hit by poison arrows?

One of the most important warnings in Feng Shui practice is that the main door should be protected from poison arrows as well as checked for hidden poison arrows. Even if all houses have perfect Feng Shui, when a poison arrow hits your main door, it creates negate affliction for all households.

Outside poison arrows:

The main door should not face directly into the “T” or “Y” junction. “T” “Y” road shape symbolizes t-intersection-affliction-feng-shui

misfortune and creates very strong negative “Sha” energy flow that leads family members to difficult decisions. It also brings separations into the family causing conflict amongst siblings as well as between spouses.

Inside the house poison arrows:

A very common affliction is a toilet directly above the main door. There are many apartments and split level houses that have this horrible affliction. The ideal solution would be to simply stop using the toilet upstairs, redesigned the bathroom or move the toilet and transfer it to the different place in the house. The second solution is to install a bright chandelier shining upwards and to turn it on for several hours (at least 3 hours) everyday


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