Feng Shui Kitchen

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Kitchen – the most haunted place in the house or apartment. In old days the kitchen was usually placed in a negative sector of the house. Based on the House Kua Number (please do not confuse with personal Kua Number), the reason why in old days the kitchen was located in a negative sector because fire is a strong element and destroys negative energy.


A good place for the kitchen is on the back half of the house. Base on the “Yang House Classic” text the most auspicious location for the kitchen is the East or South corners of the home. Also in the kitchen the most important thing is focusing on the interaction of the five elements of Feng Shui, especially water and fire. It is not recommended to place a stove near the refrigerator, washing machine or sink, as it could leads to the accumulation of negative energy or “Sha”, that can contribute to excessive irritability, family quarrels or disorder in financial matters. Similarly to this, the sink should not be next to or directly opposite stove. What if you do have a stove next to the refrigerator or sink, use the Wood element to go-between the two clashing elements. In addition you can use symbols of the tree or use green ornaments in the kitchen. Improvement of Feng Shui in the kitchen will always pay off hundredfold, as this makes a huge contribution to the welfare of home and the kitchen is the special place where food is cooked. Orderliness in the kitchen reflects the financial condition of the family as the basic element present here – Water, symbolizing prosperity. Therefore it is very important not to clutter the kitchen with extraneous objects, keep work surfaces clean. Little things can be stored in cabinets and shelves, but do not throw them around the kitchen. Remember that the protruding corners, open shelves and sharp objects create negative energy, “Sha”.  Feng-Shui-kitchen-layout if you have an open shelf or racks in the kitchen, it is better use round containers for bulk products. The knives and forks should be kept in a covered box, removing them only when necessary. Usually located in the kitchen are constantly working appliances that could stimulate some important zone. So it is better to put a fridge in the south-eastern sector, as it will help improve your financial situation. The Refrigerator, located in the southwestern part, will serve to strengthen family relationships. Besides that, it is not recommended to put a fridge in the South because the element of fire is not compatible with low temperature.


Taboo on the kitchen:

  • No mirrors in kitchens. Mirrors reflecting the cooking fire cause accidents and problems for children. Also this could cause the father to have a very bad accident. It is just simply such bad luck to have mirrors near a stove.
  • Kitchens must never be in the Southwest as it represents the “Earth Gate” and could hurt the mother of the family. It can also not be in the Northwest as this hurts the father of the family, as well as it fires all family luck. Having a kitchen in the Northwest signifies “fire at heaven’s gate”. In fact, both the kitchen as well as the stove should never be placed in the Northwest portion of the house or of the kitchen itself.

Review your kitchen and improve Feng Shui, share your thoughts and ask me question  “how to” in comments, I’ll be happy to answer.