How to trace the root of negative occasions

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With the positive, comes the negative. Negative days carry adverse energy. Today is a negative day. Do not under estimate negative days.
On these days, it is better to not plan any major events or do any important activities. Today the day of the Goat clashes with the month of the Ox. Both of these are Earth signs, meaning that Earth is clashing with Earth. This creates problems with land or buildings. Landslides or earthquakes may occur. Anything that will affect buildings may happen.

In addition to the clash, today is Distraction day. Today’s energy, like the name suggests, distracts you. There is a great loss in everything, including wealth. This type of day should only be used for demolition.
You probably saw on the news what happened in the Indonesian market exchange with the floors collapsing, so let’s see why it happened in Indonesia.
Indonesia is located in the middle of the Southeast region and is most affected by the monthly negative forces. The Monthly Flying Stars for the southeast is 5 and the daily Flying Stars is 1. Earth clashes with Water. Moreover, if you look at the QMDJ chart, you will see that the southeast for that hour is a Geng Distractor as well. The Indonesian stock exchange is located in the northeast part of the island. The daily Flying Star is 5 for the northeast, which is a great distractor and creator of turbulence. This incident occurred in the hour of the horse. This means that events will happen quickly and unexpectedly at that time.
You can trace the cause of negative occasions using these methods and then can make decisions on what the best course of action is. If I lived in Indonesia, I probably wouldn’t let my kids go on trip today.