Feng Shui Examples

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Feng Shui Example: Case Study- Sandwiched House, Brooklyn, New York


For many years my family makes a short trip   Feng-Shui-Examples-Case-Study- Sandwiched-House to Brooklyn NYC on Saturday. In Brooklyn, there are unusual designs for houses and one day I noticed this one.

Here in heart of the Russian community in Brighton Beach, a house is sandwiched between two recently new built buildings. I thought it would be good idea to show  feng shui example of good or bad Feng Shui in regular life.

In this particular case, it’s bad Feng Shui. The people living in this house will suffer from a lack of money. They will count every penny, they will stretch their budget and they won’t able to buy necessary goods either. Now you can see that the residents of this home are already suffering from a lack of money. Even if they are in the rich enough Brighton Beach area. It would be good to sell the house to one of the builders.