Feng Shui Consultation


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To unlock Secrets of your Birth Chart client should provide:
Day; Month, Year of the birth and Hour advisable. 

  •  To Book Business BaZi – Astrology Consultation, please call us or contact us by email. 

Contact Information:

info@lightoffengshui.com or Shasheta@lightoffengshui.com

- Shasheta at (732)917-0668



  • Feng Shui Consultation

Onsite Reading and Offsite Reading. For offsite reading client should provide: Correct email address: Date of Birth and Gender Plan of the House/Office. All Reports for onsite reading and offsite reading include: Your Personal Kua Number. Individual Eight Mansions Analysis. Flying Star Natal Chart analysis for your home or office. Annual Remedies (good luck energy and blocking negative energy) for present year. Personalized Feng Shui Solution.

Note: Report’s price include up to four family members living in the same house/apartment (additional family members priced only $38.88 per a person)

Contact Information:

info@lightoffengshui.com  or  Shasheta@lightoffengshui.com

- Shasheta  at (732)917-0668



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