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 If your New Year’s Eve plans failed, now you have a second chance to correct everything with Lunar New Year.

The Chinese people follow the lunar and solar calendar. Many important dates are recorded in this Chinese lunar calendar, but the celebration of New Year is a very special date. The Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration 2014 starts with the New Moon. This year it falls on January 31st and ends late at night on February 13th which is the day known as the Lantern Festival.

The Chinese Lunar New Year of 2014 begins on January 30th at 23:37 local time. During New Years Eve and festivity we have to welcome the God of Wealth. The God of Wealth comes in the hour of the Ox, from 1 am to 3 am. The God of Wealth will come from the South direction, 180 degree compass scale.chinese-lunar-new-year-2014
It’s time for noise, dances, wishes; give gifts and have lots of celebration. Arrange the most important events in the southern part of the house – fireworks, firecrackers, a rich table, a source of music (Radio or TV) and light or light movement – something like a lava lamp.
You can place a figure of the God of Wealth in the South of the home, at this point it should be facing north. Also, on the first day of the Lunar New Year, January 31st, it is good to go visit friends and family. The best time to do this is at the hour of the Snake, Horse and Goat. In the Western sense it is starting from 9am to 3pm.

But that’s not all!

Usually on the fifth day of celebration, people stay home to welcome the Wealth God, no one visits families and friends on that day. The tale says when the Wealth God visits your home and you are not there, you miss opportunities for the entire year. This year the fifth day of the Chinese New Year celebration matches with the solar New Year known as Lap Chun day or February 4th. The year of Wood Horse begins on the Solar New Year February 4th at 06:00 am. At that moment make a wish and breathe in new energy or ventilate home and let new positive energy come inside.

chinese-lunar-new-year-2014 chinese-lunar-new-year-2014


By tradition before new energy enters our life we have to clean house and review our wardrobe of unusual things.

Good dates for general cleaning before Chinese New Year, January 31 2014. 


  • January 12- clash with Ox born people.
  • January 13- clash with Tiger born people
  • January 16- clash with Snake born people
  • January 18-clash with Goat born people
  • January 19-clash with Monkey born people
  • January 23- clash with Rat born people
  • January 25-clash with Tiger born people
  • January 26- clash with Rabbit born people
  • January 28- clash with Snake born people.

Note: Next to each date is a specified Chinese zodiac sign which is clashing with the day energy, in this case this day is not suitable for general cleaning. If you or someone who lives with you refers to that Zodiac sign with clashing with day energy, please do not select that day for general cleaning and purifying of your home.

PS: I always happy to hear your thoughts and questions, please share your comments.