What Should You Look for In Your Perfect Relationship

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Compatibility between people is a very exiting topic. Why are we drawn to some people and why do we want to run from others? Why does on person find a mate at school while other are constantly choosing the wrong person to be with. The Bazi/ Paht Chee will help you to look into the matter and understand yourself and the people surrounding you more.

Bazi/ Paht Chee is translated as the Eight Types of Destiny which are present in our lives and divide it into eight parts that we may make for joy or inconvenience.

One way to determine the compatibility of people is based on the principle of collaboration of the five elements. By nature, we are more attracted to people whose elements in the cycle of generation are located on either side of ours. And most likely, we will have problems in relationships with those people who belong to the elements that subdue our element or destroyed it.

Here are some examples, if your element is Fire:

Fire with Fire: feng-shui-Fire-element

Fire people are enthusiastic and optimistic. The combination of the two fires can be extremely strong. People of fire can bring life to the best in the others with this element, which makes this alliance as long as none of its partners get tired of the other.

Fire with Earth: feng-shui-earth-element

This harmonious combination of sides encourages and motivates each other. There is great imagination; fire combined with the sensuality of the earth defines the relationship successful at all levels.

Fire and Metal: feng-shui-metal-element

Fire energy is much stronger than metal and has the ability to melt metal. This complicates the couple’s relationship. The representative of the metal will try to impose their own will on the partner with disastrous consequences. Fire will gradually erode metal. Both are prone to combating and will try to overpower each other. Fortunately, both characters have big sense of humor with which they can solve the most difficult situations. They have to have any object related to the earth element to keep at home to somewhat weaken the negative effect of this combination.

Fire and Water: water-feng-shui-element

Such a combination is considered disadvantaged because Water absorbs Light. However, water can make a creative moment in energy and in the initiative of Fire. The person of fire can inspire the partner that is water. Both sides, Fire and Water, have excellent communication skills but would not be easy with communicating their innermost feelings with each other.  To neutralize the negative aspects this pair should keep a symbol of wood element in the house.

Fire and Wood:  bamboo-feng-shui-wood-element

It is a harmonious combination of elements. The wood person imparts stability in the impulsivity of Fire. The energy and enthusiasm of Fire can coerce Wood to greater achievements which he/she would have done himself. Both elements are optimists, they like new ideas and concepts.

I hope this article will help you to understand more yourself, ours partners and help to build perfect relationship.  Now is your turn: Do you think you will take advantage of this data? Tell me what do you think in the comments!

Shasheta     feng-shui-love-relationship