BaZi Case Study:

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In my forecast for this year, the year of the Fire Monkey, I mentioned that Fire and Metal clash which suggests disharmony, conflicts and disagreements. Well, it is not surprising that a lot of conflicts have happened in July. This is because we have already passed mid- summer when fire begins to decline its influence and metal begins to gain impact. Metal brings along conflicts. As we are entering a cycle of Metal and Earth, world leaders with a strong metal element will face difficulties.

For example, David Cameron is a strong Yin Metal person (October 9, 1966) and he has already announced his resignation.


Today, I wanted to point out a government conflict which has ended favorable for some people and unfavorably for others. Turkey has just had attempted military coup. Erdogan has still remained in power because he was born on February 26, 1954 and is a weak Yin Water person.




Metal and Water are his favorable elements. These elements have supported him in this negative period. Also, he is in the “Yin Water- Rooster” 10 luck period, which represents his friends and supporters. His group of loyal followers and friends reported about the coup and helped him return to Istanbul early Saturday morning. Saturday is an Earth Pig day ; this day represents Erdogan’s friends. Thanks to Erdogan’s friends and backers, he received support on time. Learning and knowing people’s BaZi chart’s helps to understand how our present day works.