The Bagua Mirror in Feng Shui

Bagua Mirror

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Chinese-Feng-Shui-Bagua-Mirror-Feng-Shui-consultation Bagua Mirror  is used to prevent bad luck from killing energy, if your main door or windows facing poison  arrows. 

History of Bagua

The originated from the Eight Trigrams of Luo River Writing or Five elements Luo Shu diagram. Eight trigrams were taken from Book of Changes or I-Ching. Also trigram formed the basis of the concept of Yang and Yin. It is the pattern of changes in our universe.

How Bagua Mirror looks:

Usually Bagua is of an octagonal shape and must have eight diagrams around the small mirror in the center. Also Bagua should have a Chien trigram (Three solid lines) on the top and Kun trigram (Three broken lines) on the bottom. This information is needed to properly set up Bagua mirror (in some cases instead of mirror there is an image of Fu dog or Yin and Yang).

There are three types of Bagua Mirror:

Flat mirror Bagua is neutral.
Concave mirror Bagua is curving inwards and absorbs all killing arrows or bad chi.
Convex mirror Bagua is curving outwards and reflects all harmful energy away.

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