Annual Flying Stars 2014

Annual Flying Stars

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Ding You  - The Year of  Fire Rooster Year, 2017

Auspicious Stars Victory Star White number One;  Heaven/ Windfall White Star number Six;  Wealth White Star number Eight;  Progression Purple Star number Nine.

Moderate Star Green number Four2017-FL-Stars-Yearly-Table

Hazardous Stars Illness Star Black number Two and  Fatal Star Yellow number Five.

Dangerous Stars Three Killings Stars (Northeast to Southeast: 52.6 to 127.5  degrees);  Grand Duke Jupiter Tai Sui (West: 262.6 to 277.5 degrees); The Year Breaker Star Northeast: (82.6-97.5 degrees)

* Avoid renovation or digging here, doing so brings severe bad luck, loses, illness and misfortune.

Turbulent Stars Quarrelsome Star number Three;  Violent Star number Seven.

 * Grand Duke Jupiter Star –Tai Sui, a very powerful star known as ruler of the year, when the Grand Duke flies to a sector, try to avoid a lot of activates, like making noise or playing loud music in that sector.

Feng Shui yearly chart for 2017 the year of Fire Rooster will take effect on February 3th. When you start to explore an annual chart, note that the numbers in each row, and in each column, and the numbers that run diagonally in both directions, all add up to 15. The number 15 considered as complete number and actually in mathematics this chart named Magic square. In addition to it, add numbers across opposite side and it became a magical number 10. Ten is a special number that very auspicious and it will bring special bond, even with troublesome people. This is a year when enemies can be partners and generate good results.
So, this year make your determination to be more sociable and communicative, to spend time rising friendship with others and interacting more with your coworkers and helpers, you will not regret. The Flying Stars of the year 2015 returning to the original Lo Shu positions, as result the positive stars pulsate more strongly and negative stars become more powerful as well.
*Before you begin to study this chart, get to know where exactly located your main entrance, living room and bedroom, it is very important to know what sector of your home afflicted by negative stars and what sector has auspicious star.




feng-shui-star-number-1-Victory star 
The Victory star: The number One Victory Star flies to the Center bringing success luck to the all family members .  To enhance and activate the success from the lucky star number One, place a water feature on the center.  


The Romance and Scholastic star number Four: The number Four Star brings feng-shui-number-4-Romance-Scholastic-star-Four
relationship and education luck for the whole household since this star flies into the Northeast. Those who are wishing to find new love or to bring happiness to their marriage can activate the Northeast with the Double Happiness or a pair Mandan Ducks. To enhance for education luck, display the Carp Jumping over the Dragon Gate statue or a Globe (it can be crystal Globe).


 feng-shui-Number-6-Heaven-Luck-StarThe Heaven Luck Star: The Star of Heaven number Six flies into the North and brings opportunity and support for houses facing the northeast and those that reside in the north. This star will benefit the youngest son as well as the people who are born under the Ox and Tiger zodiac sign. Enhance this sector by six Chinese coins or metal coins and keep on radio/tv in the north.





The most auspicious star, star number Eight: The wealth star number Eight comes to the East bringing strong prosperity and wealth luck to houses facing the east and those who are residing in the East sector. Also this year the auspicious lucky star benefits the eldest son and those who are born under the Rabbit zodiac sign. 


feng-shui-number-9-Star-number-Nine-multiplying-starStar number Nine is a multiplying star: The number Nine multiplying and Future Prosperity Star is located on the Southeast and brings future prosperity and recognition for those who live in houses facing the Southeast, residents of the Southeast sector and the eldest daughter of the family. This year the Southeast sector has excellent business luck from the 9/4 HOTU combination, but that positive energy will not be so strong due to the Grand Duke Jupiter Star  ”Tai Sui” that bring losses of loved ones and loss of your reputation. If you are born under the Dragon or Snake zodiac sign those energy combinations will affect you as well.  


feng-shui-number-5-Misfortune-StarMisfortune Star number Five: The South sector is afflicted by misfortune by the star Five Yellow and the yearly Robbery star which brings dismay, financial losses, obstacles and danger. These harmful energies will affect the Horse and those who are living in houses facing the South and residing of the South. Keep in mind if you are born under the Horse zodiac sign these negative energies will touch you too.  To conquer the negative forces place a Five element Pagoda  in South.


Feng-shui-number-2-illness-NumberThe illness Star Number Two: The Illness Star number Two flies to Northwest sector bringing a lot of sickness to homes facing the east and those residing in the Northwest sector, as well as the father and those who are born under Pig or Dog zodiac sign. To subdue the negative energy, place the Wu Lou on the Northwest.





The Robbery and Violence Star number Seven: The Three Killing Stars  and the number Seven  Violence/Robbery Star flies to the Southwest bringing danger associated with burglary and violence for those who are living Southwest facing houses and residence of the Southwest sector. Also that danger energy will affect the mother of the family, especially if she is an Sheep or Monkey born person. To reduce the nasty energy place a Rhino next to the main entrance if it is located at Southwest or facing to the Southwest direction. If you are born under the Sheep or Monkey zodiac sign that negative force has an effect on you too.  Hold on, do not fall into a depression. It’s not all bad; this sector does enjoy and facing to the three harmony . If you are born under Sheep or Monkey will experience those energies as well.


feng-shui-number-3-Argumentative-confrontational StarThe Argumentative and confrontational Star number Three: The Argumentative Star flies into the West carrying quarrels and misunderstanding for all family members, especially if you have open plan design. Control the dissonance by Fire energy; place a red triangle in the West or keep something red, like a decorative red pillow.




- Shasheta

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